Part Analysis

• Geometric and mass properties
• Sectional thickness analysis
• Cored feature recognition

Mold Cavity Design

• Part orientation, stepped parting line
• Horizontal and vertical molding
• Core and print design, plug drilled hole
• Mold size and multi-cavity layout

Feeder Design & Optimization

• Hotspot location; Feeder design
• Feedaids: Neck down sleeve, chill, padding
• Directional solidification: feed-paths
• Automatic feeder size optimization

Gating Design & Optimization

• Multi-sprue, gate, runner layout
• Automatic gating optimization
• Pressurized and non pressurized gating design


• Coupled mold filling and casting solidification
• Results include temperature history, liquid metal fraction,
cooling curves, and air fraction
• Major defects like misrun, air blow hole,
shrinkage porosity, and hard zone

Layout Optimization

• Easy and Quick Iterations
• Tracks yield at each layout
• Detailed method report for each layout

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