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Why AutoCAST ?

  • Easy & Fun

    The User - interface is so amazing and user friendly. You will love and enjoy the problem solving using AutoCAST. At the same time, the Systematic Layout helps to track your work progress.

  • In-built Methods Design

    AutoCAST provides platform to design your ideas for feeding and gating system. With simplest line drawing technique AutoCAST gives you Automatic gating design based on the gating ratio.

  • Quick Analysis

    No need to wait for hours till simulation completes. AutoCAST supports Quick Analysis which helps you to get the right layout with less iterations.

  • Advanced Simulation

    Simulation analysis from AutoCAST offers temperature history, liquid metal fraction, solidification time, cooling curves, and air fraction. Major defects like misrun cold shut, air blow hole, shrinkage porosity, and hard zone can be predicted

  • Optimization

    AutoCAST don’t allow you to be just satisfied with good Quality. It helps you to aim for Yield Improvement with Feeder, Gating and Layout Optimization

  • Great Support

    When you face any issue, just drop us a mail or feel free to contact. Our consultants will surely respond at the earliest.

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About AutoCAST

AutoCAST provides a complete solution for casting methods design, with advanced simulation and complete optimization.

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