Ductile Iron

Automobile Part

Differential Case

Manifold Pipe

Pulley DI

Railway Insert



Axle Box Housing

Bell Housing

Brake Drum

Construcion Equipment

Magnetic Frame


Breaker Oil Tank

Compressor Case

Coolant Pipe

Lug Casting

Ring Casting

Cast Iron

Connection Water Inlet

Brake Drum

Gear Case

Housing Frame

Pressure Bowl

Turbine Housing


Jewellery Ring


Analysis of Pump Body Casting by using Casting Process Simulation

Gating System and Feeder Design of Aluminium Alloy (AA6063) Casting for Rectangular Component

Gating Design Optimization for Improvement in Yield of Casting

Generation of Optimum Parting Lines for Metal Cast Parts

Simulating the Effect of Gating Design and Pouring Temperature on LM4 Casting Quality

Optimization of Riser Neck for Aluminium Casting by using Simulation Tool

Application of 3D Cad Modeling and Casting Simulation to Eliminate Casting Defects.

Design Optimization of Gating and Feeding System through Simulation Technique for Sand Casting of Wear Plate

Optimized Design of Risering System for Casted Component by Using Web Based Online Simulation E-Tool

Optimization & Experimental Validation of Feeding System for Steel Casting Using Traditional and Simulation Technique- A Case Study

Critical Analysis of Rapid Prototyping assisted Investment Casting for Medical Implants

Analysis & Simulation of Casting to Eliminate Casting Defects

Minimization of Gas Porosity through Casting Simulation Tool for Sand Casting

Warpage Simulation of Manhole Cover using AutoCAST-X Software

Quantitative Feeder Design for Metal Castings

Indigenous Development and Industrial Application of Metal Casting Simulation Software

Casting Design and Simulation of Cover Plate using AutoCAST-X Software for Defect Minimization with Experimental Validation

Minimization of Shrinkage Porosity in A Sand Casting Process By Simulation In AUTOCAST-X Software with Experimental Validation by Destructive testing

Methoding and Simulation of LM 6 Sand Casting for Defect Minimization with its Experimental Validation

Feeder Design and Analysis by Casting Simulation Software

Design Optimization of Feeding System and Solidification Simulation for Cast Iron

Riser Design Optimization based on Feeding Rules using 3D CAD Modelling and Casting Simulation

Optimization of Casting Process Parameters through Simulation

Analysis and Optimization of Gating System for TVS SATELITE

Multi-Physics Simulation and Casting Defect Prediction Using FLOW+

Rapid Development of Industrial Castings Using Computer Simulation

Innovative Simulation of Castings – A Technology to Improve Quality of Castings as per Global Specifications with Case Studies

Feasibility Study of Manufacturing using Rapid Prototyping: FDM Approach

Feeding System Design and Evaluation using Temperature Gradient (Feed Path) Maps