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“The user-friendliness of a software is best measured by the duration of its training programme.”

It takes only a few hours to learn the features of AutoCAST-X, and start using it the same day. The comprehensive training programme takes users through all features of the software, which are so logically designed that there is no need to memorise any command.


AutoCAST-X is the preferred software for casting simulation clinics where participants can bring CAD models of their problem castings, and get immediate advice for possible improvements.

Many technical institutes have implemented AutoCAST-X for exposing their students to virtual casting technology, as well as provide technical training and support to local foundries.

AutoCAST customers can get a second opinion or assistance for a critical casting simulation project by logging into a web-based technical support and conferencing system developed by 3D FoundryTech. Contact us to register.

Best Practices


Engineers often forget to remove drilled holes from the part model before simulation, leading to wrong results and conclusions. AutoCAST-X can fill-up drilled holes, so users don’t have to go back to a CAD program for this purpose. Another good practice is to compress the data of old projects (solid models of part, feeders and gating channels, process parameters, simulation results, etc.) into a zip file, to avoid confusing between different files and also save hard disk space. AutoCAST-X automatically zips and unzips project files as a standard practice, saving users the trouble of managing individual files. More...


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