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AutoCAST-X1 Software
AutoCAST-X1 provides a complete solution for casting methods design and optimization.
  • Part Analysis (Design for Manufacture): Import a part model from any CAD program, and check its features (thickness, cored holes) for manufacturability.
  • Methods Design (Mold layout, Feeders, Gating): Select the number of cavities, position of feeders and gating channels. The software automatically designs, models, and generates the complete mold layout.
  • Quick Simulation (Mold Filling and Casting Solidification): Verify the methods design by checking for possible defects like mold erosion, filling time, and shrinkage porosity through casting simulation.
  • Costing and Report: Check the yield, estimate tooling and other costs, and generate a complete report of the methods design with an image of the casting.


Powerful New Features
AutoCAST-X has been completely re-engineered with many new features compared to previous versions (release 1 to 9):
  • Cool interface, no need to memorise any commands
  • Smaller mesh size, for large and thin wall castings
  • Part thickness imaging to measure local thickness
  • Stepped and multi-mold parting line definition
  • Interactive core hole identification for faulty models
  • Multi-cavity mold layout, and its optimization
  • Design and modelling of multi-neck feeders
  • New feedaids: internal chills, padding and fins
  • Play and pause animation of casting solidification
  • Automatic optimization of riser size
  • More freedom in gating layout and design
  • Tooling cost estimation and cost comparison
  • Formatted method report with casting image
  • Module for mold filling and casting solidification based on underlying physics of heat transfer with phase change

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