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Input & Results
Inputs required for casting projects include the following:


  • CAD model of as-cast part in STL (ASCII) format
  • Metal name, standard and composition
  • Process name and mold material composition
  • Current methods design (feeders and gating)
  • Photographs of full casting and defects, if any.

Results of casting projects are sent by e-mail, usually within a week after all necessary inputs are available. Urgent projects can be completed within 2 days. The results include the following:

  • Methods report of the casting design
  • Simulation images showing internal defects, if any
  • Advice for improvement.


What is an STL file?


STL is a standard format for storing a 3D model in terms of triangles covering its surface (including internal surfaces like holes). Each triangle is represented by x,y,z coordinates of its vertices. Most CAD programs allow users to save a 3D model as an STL file. They have an option to save it in ASCII (text) or Binary version. The ASCII version can be read by a text editor, which is useful to check if the file is ok, especially when using a new CAD program. The Binary version is more compact and takes 30-40% less space than the ASCII version of the same model.


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